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Visitor myths about South Africa

Many tourists think that South Africa has no snow, even summer, but it is not. Before traveling to South Africa, don’t forget to check the weather forecast as Cape Town city is very wet in winter.

Johannesburg features thunderstorms in the summer, while the Karoo region also has harsh winter days. When arriving in South Africa for the first time, the question tourists often ask is: “Where is the wildlife?”

South Africa has long developed advanced technology and science. Like other countries, South Africa is divided between classes of society, rich people, poor people, and the middle class. South Africans also live in urban and rural areas on farms and villas.

However, visitors will not be able to see a lion walking on the street or people riding elephants to work, they are isolated in the safe area. So to see the wildlife, visitors visit the nature reserves throughout South Africa.

African is not a language. The South African country has 11 official languages ​​and most people can speak two of the total. English is very popular in South Africa, so you do not need to fear you will get lost because you do not know the dialect.

Whites make up a small portion of the South African population. Most of them are of Dutch, German, English and French descent. South Africa is five times the size of Great Britain and is one of the largest countries on the African continent. So, instead of trying to explore South Africa for a week, tourists should develop a plan to visit interesting places in this country.

Hunting is a form of livelihood in remote communities in South Africa. However, they only hunt small animals and species that are not endangered. Furthermore, South Africa also has strict policies to conserve wildlife across the country.

Although theft and riots persist, South Africa is not a dangerous country. As in other countries, when visiting South Africa, visitors need to follow the local guidelines and regulations.