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Interesting things about the country of South Africa

With a special geographical position, South Africa is an important bridge of the world with African countries. This country is the stopover in most of the journey to Africa. Try to find out what South Africa is all about.

South Africa has the largest number of official languages ​​in the world. And all are recognized as administrative languages. First is the Zulu language, followed by the Xhosa language second. Africanans and English came in third and fourth, respectively.

It is not France or Germany but South Africa that owns the longest wine line in the world. They produce wines stretching from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth with a total length of up to 850km.

Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s largest wildlife sanctuaries. With a large area, Kruger National Park is nearly as large as Kingdom of Belgium. The dassie mouse is the cute little rodent you will often see on Table Rock. Although small, the dassie mouse’s closest relative is the elephant.

The large and strong ostrich breed on the Black Continent has been famous for a long time, especially the ostrich. Arriving in Cape Town, visitors will be taken to the ostrich farm, learn about the process of raising and feed the ostrich by hand.

Going to South Africa without setting foot in Aquila Park is like not going. By visiting this famous wildlife paradise, any visitor will love the special experience of riding a special car through the typical savanna landscape.

An experience could not be more impressive at Flic en Flac – busy tourist town on the west coast of Mauritius. After admiring the white sand beaches embracing the turquoise sea water, visitors board the speedboat to the dolphin viewing spot. You can experience the feeling of swimming with dolphins in the natural environment.

South Africa – a country with many capitals

South Africa has 11 different names, corresponding to 11 official languages. This is Africa, but a lot of Africans.

The capital Pretoria – named after Andries Pretorius – a highly respected African-American but the father of Apartheid, has since been renamed Tshware since 2005. It means “We are equal”. However, the central area is still named Pretoria and people still call it that.

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Cape Town in Western Cape Province – dubbed the “Best City in the World”. So many names are enough to tell the charm of this beautiful land. There is often white cloud covered here like a huge chiffon spread over the great table of creation.

This is a very beautiful location to enjoy the panoramic view of the bustling streets and busy commercial ports. Clifton Beach was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 10 beautiful beaches of the world.

And the judicial capital Bloemfontem was dubbed the “Fountain”, “City of roses”. There are also many unique architectures with brilliant rose gardens, many modern industrial facilities. Pinunesberg National Park, 55,000 hectares, is home to more than 7,000 animals of hundreds of different species.

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You can ride a special car to visit or drive by yourself to discover or board the balloon for a panoramic view. The edge of the forest has enough rest services, from affordable to high-end, very professional. Kruger National Park has such characteristics.

South Africa ranks 3rd in terms of biodiversity. There are many strange plants. South Africa’s diverse culture is expressed not only in language and lifestyle but also in architecture, music, dancing, festivals, especially food. Word Cup 2010 introduced the world to a friendly South Africa, able to organize big events and unique cuisine. Corn is the main food in meals.

Besides are the world famous wines. Boerewors is a South African sausage that’s both long and big and has a lot of strange flavors. Biltong is dried meat cut into pieces, a type of fast food.