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Discover the country of South Africa with the most exciting adventure experience

South Africa will be a great destination for those seeking a new experience. South Africa is the place called “Diamond Kingdom”.

The Gansbaai Coast is home to the highest density of white sharks in the world. They are about 7 meters long and weigh more than 3,000 kg, easily tearing prey with sharp teeth.

How would you feel being approached by a white shark? If you’re feeling adventurous, take a snorkeling tour with the white shark in South Africa. You will meet the most dangerous predators in the ocean.

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Visiting Kruger National Park is a very attractive experience when coming to South Africa. With an area of ​​up to 20,000 km2, it is the “home” of 150 species of mammals, 110 reptiles and 500 species of birds. To get closer to the wildlife, sign up for an adventure on a convertible and take pictures.

Located in the Northeast of South Africa, the Blyde River gorge in South Africa is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Visitors will be attracted by giant, circular rocks lying on the majestic cliffs.

They are like traditional houses of indigenous people. Walking along this canyon at an altitude of nearly 800 meters is a truly enjoyable experience.

Johannesburg is the largest and wealthiest city in South Africa with relatively large gold reserves, discovered in 1886. Coming to Johannesburg, visitors will learn about a multi-racial culture. You can explore hundreds of different cultural relics but there is always something very cohesive and harmonious.

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Table Mountain Located in Cape Town, Table Mountain is the most famous landmark in South Africa. At an altitude of 1,086m above sea level, sliding down from the top of the mountain, at first, you will feel a little scared with precarious rocks.

However, once you have overcome this challenge. You will certainly feel very refreshed because you have broken yourself out of your inherent safety limits.