South African Newspapers

If you live in, or are visiting South Africa and you like to enjoy the newspaper with your morning coffee, there are a significant number of newspapers, some printed daily, some printed weekly. Here are some of the options in terms of South African newspapers:

Cape Times

The Cape Times is written in English and published and distributed namely in Cape Town but spans beyond the city limits as well, reaching over 31000 readers daily. The Cape Times have been one of the trusted sources to get news for South Africans since 1876, making it one of the longest standing and oldest newspapers in the country. With that said, readership, as is the case for many different newspapers, continues to decline steadily.

Pretoria News

The Pretoria News newspaper is printed and published daily (Monday through Friday weekday editions and weekend editions on Saturdays and Sundays) in Pretoria. It has been around since 1898. Unlike many of its competitors, Pretoria News is an independent newspaper.


If your intrigued and unfamiliar with the word Volksblad, that is probably because it is Afrikaan. This newspaper is published in Afrikaans and therefore has a more niche and local readership or audience than other English newspapers. Media24 owns this newspaper and it is the largest and most popular daily Afrikaans newspaper in the country.

The Independent on Saturday

Another English newspaper, The Independent is printed on one day and one day only- you guessed it- Saturday. The paper replaced the beloved Daily News and Mercury Saturday in 1998.

The New Age

TNA Media Ltd. Prints and distributes The New Age newspaper. This newspaper is a newer player in the game, with TNA (The New Age) Media Ltd. Having only established itself in 2010. 8 years later in April of 2018, The New Age is now called Afro Voice.