South African News Television Stations

South African news is not hard to come by; there are many different Outlets and platforms. One of the most consumed and preferred places to get news for the public is through television. This is undoubtedly an impactful and efficient way to understand and to broadcast news. This is the case for a few reasons. TV has a broad reach at a lower cost than other, more traditional platforms including print news. Some of the top TV channels for news include the following.


SABC is a news channel for South Africa. It dates back as far as 1950, at which time it replaced the news of the BBC. The BBC was long criticised for giving a strictly British perspective to the audience, who were craving more than a British or pro-government voice.


This news channel became the first 24-hour broadcaster and news channel in South Africa in 2008. Though it has only been around since June of that year, it is one of the most trusted, and one of the largest news stations and channels in South Africa.


This is an English-speaking website which has a lot of video content, so, though it may not be on television, it is widely consumed, and known to be a great multimedia channel for national and international news. It covers a wide range of topics from space to politics and everything in between.

CNBC Africa

This is a global channel with subsidiaries all over the world, including CNBC Africa.


CNN is readily available and widely consumed by South African audiences as well, and is a popular choice for international news among the South African viewers.

  • There are other channels in South Africa which include the news as part of their daily programming as well. Also, with the increase in streaming services and availability of different multimedia channels, worldwide and international news is easy to get, and is accessible as well.