Enhanced Curriculum for South African Students

South African elementary and secondary schools are evolving their curriculum, ahead of the curve of many other countries all over the world, to include some new and extremely relevant subjects which include robotics as well as coding.

The Minister of Education felt strongly that the curriculum will help children and students prepare and refine tangible skills in a technical and industrial world. This promotes and equips children with skills to be engineers, scientists, and a more refined and well balanced skill set to keep up with increasing demand in terms of skills and jobs.


The coding curriculum will include, for the time being, information on:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to the concept of coding and computers
  • Introduction to theory
  • Hands on learning and opportunity to practice coding.

Universities and organizations that are experts in the field and with the resources readily available are partnering with schools to provide access to equipment, resources and facilities to make this learning and curriculum accessible. This curriculum will be refined and implemented as of the 2020 school year.


The robotics curriculum will be developed in partnership with engineers and professionals in the field of robotics. It will provide children the space creatively and physically to design and to create. There will be construction and design elements. The knowledge and foundational knowledge will be laid and the challenges and the curriculum will get more complex and challenging as students progress through their education.

Robotics is an important field with the increase of artificial intelligence in different industries and fields. Every industry and sector from healthcare to automotive are leveraging the power of robotics and artificial intelligence.


The benefits extend beyond just the actual knowledge that students will gain. This enhanced curriculum will also allow children of different learning styles the opportunity for hands on learning and to express themselves in productive ways.