South African Festivals for Fun and Entertainment

There is undoubtedly no shortage of fun things to do when in South Africa. The entertainment industry has strived to make this a fun place to live, as well as to visit. The entertainment choices are so vast that it serves as one of the methods to entice visitors to return to the country many times over.

Most often, the local news media will provide some information on any upcoming festivals, and it is well worth checking out this resource, to see what celebrations may be taking place for your enjoyment.

National Arts Festival

South Africa is proud of its contribution to the arts, and rightly so. To highlight this, many different art festivals take place throughout the year. One which is well anticipated is the National Arts Festival. This is such a popular event, for both participants, and spectators alike. Artists from many parts of the world travel to become part of this festival. It is usually held in June and July.

Cape Town Jazz Festival

This is a festival which has gained recognition in many other parts of the world. Probably because it has become a jazz festival that is categorised as the fourth largest in the world. It is held in Cape Town in March. Not only is this presented by the best South African jazz musicians, but it is also attended by many in the industry from other parts of the world.

Knysna Oyster Festival

South Africa is not going to be left out of the headlines for some of the best food festivals in the world. The country has made its mark in this category with the Knysna Oyster Festival. This is a festival which can be enjoyed by all family members, as it has something for everyone. It is held in June and July in Knysna.