Fun Things to Do in South Africa

No matter whether a person is just visiting South Africa, or if they are a resident here, there are undoubtedly plenty of fun things to see and do.

How About a Safari?

At one time, going on a safari in South Africa was either by way of an organised expedition, or something reserved for the rich and famous. Now, it is something which can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in doing some fun and exciting activities while in this country. There are day safaris that can be appreciated, that will allow participants to experience some beautiful sights, such as seeing cheetahs going through their hunting rituals, or groups of elephants from young to old exploring their habitat.

Enjoying the Jungle in a Unique Way

Anybody who is spending some time in Africa is going to be intrigued by the jungle. But, there are some other ways of getting some big thrills besides trekking through this vast forestry. There are many opportunities to enjoy some bungee jumps. Or, if one wants to imitate the mythical Tarzan, then how about indulging in some rope swings?

A Real Shark Adventure

It may seem a little unusual to suggest that a shark adventure could be categorised as fun and entertainment. But, in South Africa, this is really possible. All it takes is enough bravery to participate in some cage diving, which is available in the coastal region of Cape Town. If you wish to step it up a notch, there may be some opportunities to dive with the sharks, without the protection of a cage. Not only is this another possibility, but one that the South Africans consider being quite safe under the right circumstances.


Another great activity and one that is a lot of fun is just simply mingling with the locals in the different regions of South Africa. This is truly a learning experience and a most enjoyable one.