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Festival History

Since its inception in 1990, Splashy Fen has become the oldest and most well-established music festival in South Africa. Though it started as a simple music festival, it has since evolved to be a place where art, music, human beings and self-expression are celebrated. The festival aims to create a safe, fun and positive environment for attendees, who travel from far and wide nationally and from abroad to attend and experience the infamous festival.

It is hard to believe that over 150,000 people (give or take) have travelled to experience the festival when it started as a small, intimate gathering of a few hundred local musicians and music lovers. It only actually took 5 years for the festival to become the largest in the country.

Splashy Fen Today

If you had attended the festival in previous years, you wouldn’t even recognize the festival now; it has undergone a facelift that has made the event even more beautiful. As the festival has grown and evolved, so too has the plethora and range of talent, celebrating both local and international artists. There are no restrictions in terms of genre, style or sound, as the idea is to promote expression and creative freedom.

There are several different stages that range from a stage hidden and tucked away in a beautiful forest to a river side stage with great waterfront views, as well as the main stage. The festival also has great food vendors, activities and workshops. Another draw for many is the fact that the festival is family friendly and has something for all members of your family.

The festival takes place annually and is typically held in the middle of April. There are limited tickets sold, varying in price, so attendees have to act relatively quickly in order to lock in their spot for the festival.