e-Sports; the rise of South Africa

What are e-Sports?

e-Sports are video games which are played competitively among different players, sometimes in the same room, other times from hundreds of kilometres apart. e-sports can be compared to sports tournaments; however, the football is actually online, and teams or individuals play against each other online, or in virtual worlds, and in games of their choice. This type of competition has recently been gaining a lot of popularity, as live streaming makes the tournaments accessible to viewers all over the world.

e-Sport Hubs

China and North America, as well as some select regions in Europe, have traditionally been the main hubs and areas where e-sports have been popular, and most played, enjoyed and developed. With that said, there are areas such as South Korea, as well as South Africa, which seem to be appearing on the e-sports radar. The revenue of the highest paid e-sports stars increased in South Africa by 6.8% last year alone.

The prominence of digital connection and reach has made the accessibility easier, and therefore, there are tournaments, games and competitions which are held internationally between teams and players in different countries and even different continents.

South African e-Sport

Some of the South African teams to be on the lookout for include:

  • Bravado Gaming; having been on the gaming scene since 2002, this multi-gaming and large scale operation has increased its power, strength and skill over the last nearly two decades. With some of the best gamers which South Africa has to offer, Bravado has won over 138 different events, including several prestigious titles.
  • Energy e-Sports; this team was created with the ambitious goal of putting South African players and e-sport on the map. Crossing borders and playing internationally, this team has successfully played a significant role in increasing the awareness and prominence of South African players in e-sport.