South Africa: An amazing destination for children (Part 2)

  1. Fugitives’ Drift Lodge in Kwazulu-Natal

It is not really obvious for taking your children on a battlefield. However, most children desire to play perfectly on the iconic confrontations between the Boers, the British, and the Zulus such as the compelling Rorke’s Drift and Blood River. Fugitives’ Drift Lodge’s superb tours are very famous and has now serving children who can not only visit to Zulu villages but also walk through the surrounding game area. On these tours, kids will also have the opportunity to discover the battlefield history and the secrets of traditional Zulu medicine. ​

  1. Simunye in KwaZulu-Natal

In addition to Fugitives’ Drift Lodge, in the hills of KwaZulu-Natal you can stay at a Zulu cultural village near Melmoth. In a mystical valley seperated to the outside world, visitors can travel by ox-wagon or donkey cart to Simunye. They are greeted by natives in traditional Zulu style. They have the chance to study about ritual customs and ceremonies as well as enjoy local cuisine. During the day small children can be taken care of by a nanny with advance notice, together with animals and playing areas which can entertain them. Traditional Zulu games and skills, including bull dancing and fighting with padded sticks are given for older kids.

  1. Stormsriver Adventures in Eastern Cape

One of South Africa’s remaining indigenous coastal rainforest is protected by the Tsitsikamma National Park– a Garden Route highlight. There are two unforgettable forest tours which last for about three hours at Stormsriver Adventures. The far tamer Woodcutters Journey (for all ages) is a tour which uses an open vehicle namely the giant yellowwoods and stinkwoods, including either tea or lunch. Also, The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour (for ages older than seven) takes you to the treetops through platforms suspended by steel cables with a  height of 30 meters above the ground. Both tour offer amazing chances to learn about biodiversification in this exotic arboreal world including birds, animals and plants.

to be continued.