Famous festivals in South Africa

Each country will have its own national colors, each country will have traditional festivals taking place every year and month. South Africa is a country half the hemisphere from our country, but they have extremely different customs.

If you plan to go to South Africa next time, don’t forget to see the famous festivals in this place! A vibrant festival that takes place about ten days in July each year, the arts festival in South Africa is the oldest.

The big music party, the big stage, the participation of African dance artists and films will make you feel more excited. If you come to South Africa at this stage, remember to choose the best teenage costumes to dance and sing without hesitation.

When you come to South Africa, you just need to mention the word Panafest, everyone will almost compliment. This festival is also held in July and August every year. However, you need to wait 2 years to continue this festival in Ghana.

In the festival, there are many artistic performance activities such as drama, poetry, dance, musical performance, drumming. The preparation for this festival is also quite a long time from people to costumes, how to make everything perfect and brilliant.

Held on the 10th day of July in the coastal town of Knysna, the Knysna Oyster Festival attracts visitors from all over. The restaurant floors are filled with flavors of oysters, pearl cakes, horse races and other sports. More specifically the 100 events that take place continuously during the festival.

Each year, the Ferksburg Cherry festival attracts more than 20 000 visitors to visit the small town of Ficksburg in the Free State. This is considered as one of the longest running festivals in South Africa was first held in 1969.

Attending this festival, you can learn how to salt the cherry and taste the cherries. Besides, the Friesian horse show and playing a Cherry bowl are also perfect fun.