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Famous festivals in South Africa

Each country will have its own national colors, each country will have traditional festivals taking place every year and month. South Africa is a country half the hemisphere from our country, but they have extremely different customs.

If you plan to go to South Africa next time, don’t forget to see the famous festivals in this place! A vibrant festival that takes place about ten days in July each year, the arts festival in South Africa is the oldest.

The big music party, the big stage, the participation of African dance artists and films will make you feel more excited. If you come to South Africa at this stage, remember to choose the best teenage costumes to dance and sing without hesitation.

When you come to South Africa, you just need to mention the word Panafest, everyone will almost compliment. This festival is also held in July and August every year. However, you need to wait 2 years to continue this festival in Ghana.

In the festival, there are many artistic performance activities such as drama, poetry, dance, musical performance, drumming. The preparation for this festival is also quite a long time from people to costumes, how to make everything perfect and brilliant.

Held on the 10th day of July in the coastal town of Knysna, the Knysna Oyster Festival attracts visitors from all over. The restaurant floors are filled with flavors of oysters, pearl cakes, horse races and other sports. More specifically the 100 events that take place continuously during the festival.

Each year, the Ferksburg Cherry festival attracts more than 20 000 visitors to visit the small town of Ficksburg in the Free State. This is considered as one of the longest running festivals in South Africa was first held in 1969.

Attending this festival, you can learn how to salt the cherry and taste the cherries. Besides, the Friesian horse show and playing a Cherry bowl are also perfect fun.

Table Mountain South Africa – the most special destination in Africa

A special feature of Table Mountain is its flat peak, creating a prominent highlight and has become a symbol on the flag of Cape Town.
Table Mountain is over 1000m high. The mountain is flat, shaped like a table top due to erosion effects over more than 6 million years.

Table Mountain also boasts a very diverse fauna with many rare and endangered species living here. Standing on the top of the mountain, visitors can panoramic views of the entire Cape Town city and Victoria and Alfred harbor areas.

Table Mountain is one of the favorite places of people who love adventure or nature exploration. Visitors often go to Table Mountain by cable car or on foot.

The story explaining the name of the symbolic mountain of South Africa – Table Mountain is also quite diverse. In it, there is a well-known story that in 1503, a European, a Portuguese sailor named Antonio de Saldahan, first set foot in this bay. At that time, the land of South Africa was still untouched.

In addition to the cable car, locals and tourists often conquer Table Mountain by footpaths with the popular passage through the Gorge Platteklip Gorge. On average, to climb to the top of the mountain, people usually take 2.5 hours depending on the speed and fitness of each person.

This is a very popular climbing path for climbers. A special feature is that tourists and locals are only allowed to climb traditional mountains. That is, do not use pegs, hammers, poles because they easily affect the rocky mountains.

Table Mountain is located right next to Kirstenbosch National Park, 510 hectares wide with more than 6000 species of animals and plants. Plants in Table Mountain are mainly shrubs. At Table Mountain, there are more than 2200 species of plants found. That’s creating a romantic and extremely beautiful scene.

Talking about the major red wines of South Africa

Since 10 years ago South African wine was not appreciated by the market. However, nowadays, it is able to produce some of the best quality wines in the world.

South African Cabernet Sauvignon is commercially available with a mildly complex flavor. They therefore become an ideal alternative to a quality Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles or Sonoma.

If you’re looking for quality South African Cabernet Sauvignon, you should try the Paarl & Stellenbosch region. Syrah wine from South Africa is increasingly popular thanks to its characteristics of black-skinned fruit and chocolate-like taste.

One thing to note is that because Syrah grapes are grown everywhere in South Africa, this place also owns many different styles of Syrah wines. Light Syrah wines usually come from cool regions like Paarl and Stellebosch, while the hearty wines.

It is again easily found in dry climates like Robertson and Swartland. Major Syrah wineries in South Africa are Paarl & Stellenbosch, Robertson and Swartland.

Pinotage is a grape of South Africa, a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. However, this wine is not the same as Pinot Noir. Pinotage wines possess diverse fruity flavors, from raspberry to cranberry mixed with chocolate and tobacco.

It is also thicker, more alcoholic and lighter in tone than Pinot Noir. Pinotage wine is often mixed with Syrah. If you are looking for quality South African Pinotage, you should choose from the Diemersfontein, Southern Right and Kanonko regions.

Merlot wines are widely used in conjunction with Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Of course you can still find purely Merlot wines in the Coastal Region.

In addition, South Africa also produces a number of other red wines such as Malbec, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Although the aforementioned wines are mainly used for blending, in cooler regions, South Africa also produces pure wine from Pinot Noir.

Diversity in South African art

South American rugby is known. But in the field of culture, with a few exceptions, many of the country’s artistic aspects are quite alien to the French people. In order to capture the missed bridge, this year France has devoted many festival programs to talk about South Africa.

With the first World Cup in Africa, of course all attention is on South Africa. France has spent many festivals talking about South Africa. Regarding literature, we must mention the festival was held in the city of Toulouse in southern France.

BÀI HỌC NAM PHI | hoamunich

South Africa is the guest of honor this year. Regarding music, at the Rio Loco international music festival is about to open from June 17 to 21 also in Toulouse. Or at the Midem Cannes International Music Fair, South Africa always occupies a separate place in the official program.

The Focus on South Africa program at Parc de la Villette gave the music a separate space through three performances. Film composer Eric Mouquet and especially singer Johnny Clegg was famous for his work Asimbonangua in 1986.

Glad is one of the famous South African artists in the world. Especially after the film Mon Nom Est Tsotsi, which he composed of music, won an Oscar.

We remember in the mid-80s of last century, living in a racist country like South Africa. He composed music and lyrics for Asimbonangua.

It was a provocative work for the White House government at the time. They protested the detention of leader Nelson Mandela on Robben Island.

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The legend of Masekela has been widely mentioned in the press by King Louis Armstrong giving this South African artist the trompette. To this day, Hugh Masekela is the most representative face of South African jazz.

The Focus on South Africa, held at Parc de la Villette. This was ended with a memorable performance night to commemorate the release of 20 South African leaders.

Many stars not only of South Africa. But they also of the whole continent went back in time to return to the songs marked during South Africa’s 30 apartheid regimes.

Why South Africa is the least civilized country on the Internet? (Part 1)

Of the 25 countries surveyed, Microsoft ranked South Africa as the least civilized country on the Internet. What criteria are they sorted by?

In early February, Microsoft published a report on the index of civilization on the Internet (DCI). This result was announced by Microsoft on the International Day of Internet Safety. In this list, Microsoft ranks South Africa as the country with the lowest level of Internet civilization. The survey was conducted to understand users’ experiences on the 21 risks caused by inappropriate behaviors. The survey participants were teenagers and adults from 25 countries.

Why is South Africa leading the list?

According to Microsoft, the digital civilization index is measured by the feedback of teens and adults about the online experience and the risks coming from the Internet. Specifically, Microsoft lists 21 types of cyber risks, divided into four categories related to reputation, behavior, sexual assault and exploitation of personal information.

The lower the index of a country, the less likely it is that Internet users in that country are at less risk from the network, or in other words, civilized network users. This is the first time that 3 countries have reached over 80%, of which the highest is South Africa at 83%.

According to a Microsoft report, South African surveyors said the most common risk online was unwanted contact (53%), fraud (40%), bad treatment (37%) and texting. Bad news (34%). Up to 87% said they had encountered problems at least twice, 95% had suffered from online troubles, and 71% were concerned about the risks coming back.

The most controversial topics online in South Africa are race (56%), politics (41%), religion (38%), sexual orientation (34%) and appearance (32%).

For incidents that are deeply emotional, South African users say that discrimination, smear reputation and online harassment are the biggest risks

In previous Microsoft reports, South Africa always ranked low. In 2018, the country ranked last among 14 countries surveyed. In 2019, South Africa is ranked 21/22 countries.