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Best tourist sites in South Africa (Part 2)

  1. Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall with a length of over 1 km and a height of hundreds of meters. you can hear the waterfall from 40km away, and see it from 50m away. Victoria Falls was discovered in 1857 and is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

  1. Cape of Good Hope:

The Cape of Good Hope is a strip located in the southern pole of Africa. It was discovered in 1488 when explorer Bartolomeu Dias searched for a sea route from Europe to India. Known as an area with unusual sea weather and frequent storms, this place was originally called “Cape of storms” but was later renamed Good Hope. It has a 2km high lighthouse and is also an attractive place for tourists.

  1. Seal Island:

Located in False Bay not far from Cape Town, the seal island is a giant rock with many seals that make up the island. It is also home to sharks, you can also learn about sharks’ lives with a special tour on the island.

  1. Chapman’s Peak Drive:

There are very few places in the world with beautiful scenery comparable to the sunset scene at Chapman’s Peak Drive. The paved roads along the coast between Noordhoek and Hout Bay have magnificent views. After every bend, round the cliffs, the ecstatic moments of spectacular natural beauty will make any visitor fall in love. On the road there are picnic areas. Chapman’s peak drive is definitely a destination for all travelers.

  1. Boulders Beach:

Boulders Beach located near the town of Simon is made up of ancient granite rocks, protecting the coastline from wind and waves. Therefore, this place becomes an ideal swimming pool for children. The beach is located in front of the sea protection area of ​​Table National Park, the beach is always clean and safe. A special feature of this place is the African penguin. This is the only place where this bird lives. We can see them from the South African coast to Port Elizabeth, but the best place to see is Boulders beach.

  1. Voortrekker:

Voortrekker Monument is located in the north of South Africa in the nature conservation area. This is a special monument built to commemorate the pioneers of South Africa and the history of the Afrikaner. This place was inaugurated in 1949 and is located in a beautiful campus. It has the world’s longest elegant stone plank “Hall of heroes”.

  1. Church square:

Poet Square is a historical place of Pretoria. The founder of Pretoria, Marthinus Pretorius used this square as the church campus and market place. Surrounding the square is surrounded by churches. Famous historical and architectural works include Palace of Justice, Old Capitol theater, Tudor room and post office.

Best tourist sites in South Africa (Part 1)

South Africa, a tourist destination is gradually becoming an attractive place for travel lovers around the world. Let’s explore unique land with beautiful tourist sites.

  1. Table Mountain:

The table mountain is located at Afrikaans Tafelberg, Cape Town, is a flat top mountain with a sweeping view of Cape Town and Table Bay. The shape of mountains today is due to horizontal sandstone layers eroded by strong winds and water. With its distinctive shape, this mountain is a popular destination that attracts tourists from Cape Town. When you come here you can try climbing, hiking, camping and participating in other activities.

  1. Castle of Good Hope:

Castle of Good Hope is a famous place in South Africa built from 1666 to 1679, this is also the oldest building in South Africa. This castle was built by prisoners, slaves and other volunteers. The castle hall includes churches, living quarters, workshops, shops and even jails.

  1. Company Garden:

The Company Garden is the oldest garden in South Africa. When coming here, visitors will enjoy the fresh air in the beautiful garden with the view of Ban Mountain. There are various gardens layout such as Japanese style, European style, aquariums etc.

  1. Camps Bay:

Only 7 minutes from central Cape Town, the dreamy beach of Camps Bay is a popular place. Cape Town’s most beautiful beach is the path from the Sea Point to the bay. You can ride or walk along the road to enjoy the natural beauty here.

  1. Ostrich camp:

A 20-minute drive from central Cape Town, you can visit and join the ostrich tour. Not only do you have experiences with ostriches, you can also see and learn more than 200 different bird species. And from here, you can also take a photo with the world’s largest bird with the background of Mount Ba and the famous Hottentots Holland.

  1. Kirstenbosch Garden:

Kirstenbosch National Park is considered the most beautiful botanical garden in Africa. Opened in 1913 to promote the spectacular beauty of the rich flora of southern Africa. If you want to explore the flowers and plants of southern Africa, go to the Kirstenbosch garden, which gathers nearly all the plants in this land. The park has 528 hectares with 7000 different types. In 2004, the Kirstenbosch garden was recognized as one of the most visited places in the world and nominated as a world heritage.

South Africa: An amazing destination for children (Part 2)

  1. Fugitives’ Drift Lodge in Kwazulu-Natal

It is not really obvious for taking your children on a battlefield. However, most children desire to play perfectly on the iconic confrontations between the Boers, the British, and the Zulus such as the compelling Rorke’s Drift and Blood River. Fugitives’ Drift Lodge’s superb tours are very famous and has now serving children who can not only visit to Zulu villages but also walk through the surrounding game area. On these tours, kids will also have the opportunity to discover the battlefield history and the secrets of traditional Zulu medicine. ​

  1. Simunye in KwaZulu-Natal

In addition to Fugitives’ Drift Lodge, in the hills of KwaZulu-Natal you can stay at a Zulu cultural village near Melmoth. In a mystical valley seperated to the outside world, visitors can travel by ox-wagon or donkey cart to Simunye. They are greeted by natives in traditional Zulu style. They have the chance to study about ritual customs and ceremonies as well as enjoy local cuisine. During the day small children can be taken care of by a nanny with advance notice, together with animals and playing areas which can entertain them. Traditional Zulu games and skills, including bull dancing and fighting with padded sticks are given for older kids.

  1. Stormsriver Adventures in Eastern Cape

One of South Africa’s remaining indigenous coastal rainforest is protected by the Tsitsikamma National Park– a Garden Route highlight. There are two unforgettable forest tours which last for about three hours at Stormsriver Adventures. The far tamer Woodcutters Journey (for all ages) is a tour which uses an open vehicle namely the giant yellowwoods and stinkwoods, including either tea or lunch. Also, The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour (for ages older than seven) takes you to the treetops through platforms suspended by steel cables with a  height of 30 meters above the ground. Both tour offer amazing chances to learn about biodiversification in this exotic arboreal world including birds, animals and plants.

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South Africa: An amazing destination for children (Part 1)

South Africa is an wonderful place for family vacations, and it’s also easy to take your children on a trip which they’ll remember forever. There are various options, from rustic holidays along the beach to unbelievable experiences including elephant-back hunting expedition or hot air balloon rides over the savanna. These South African beautiful places will surely turn your family holidays into the amazing African adventure and inspire your children. There are 10 magnificent destinations that can change your kid’s life in South Africa.

  1. Tswalu Kalahari Reserve in Northern Cape

Remote Tswalu Kalahari Reserve located on the green fringe of the Kalahari Desert in Northern Cape province, South Africa. Possessed by the Oppenheimer family, it is the largest private game reserve in South Africa. Tswalu is both truly dedicated and conveniently malaria-free, and children are providing particular welcome. Through the lodge’s Tswalu Junior Ranger game, kids are able to participate in specially tailored bush walks and are taught by local guides how to recognize animal trace and craft their own bows and arrows. Luxurious family suites and a special menu for children complete the experience, while they can see rare wildlife such as black-manned lions and desert black rhinos. ​

  1. Sun City in North West Province

Sparkling and entertainment resort Sun City may be better known for adult gambling and golf, but it can also be a great stop for children. Supervised crèche Camp Kwena gives young kids the opportunity to socialize while their parents enjoy some deserved time off; while older kids can enjoy alcohol-free, under-eighteen Kowabonga nightclub. There also includes a spectacular petting zoo, a kids’ games arcade, and a magnificent water park on-site. Nearby Pilanesberg National Park, there is a great offer for authentic wildlife viewing. Adventurous families can decide to participate in a  hot air balloon ride or an African bush elephant safari. ​