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Things you should know before visiting South Africa (Part 1)

South Africa is a great place to learn about the past from the harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo to the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Culturally, South Africa have seen some of the most inspiring and engaging political reformations in modern times. It has a unique blend of African and Colonial cultures.

South Africa is a place to heed the advice of those in the know. From knowing the high costs of mobile phone coverage to which car to rent, these are the top tips to make your trip to South Africa as smooth as can be.

  1. Notice Your Location

Always be aware of your surroundings. Africa Adventure Consultants Kent Redding says that no matter how curious you are turn the other way and keep away if you hear or see a mob, angry-sounding demonstration or loud.

Don’t wander around aimlessly, pay attention to where you’re going. Both good and bad neighborhoods are often only one block away from each other in many parts of cities such as Johannesburgand Cape Town.

  1. Don‘t Pack Flashy

Dan Austin says, that you don’t wear expensive clothes or flashy jewelry for South Africa. Don’t flash cash really at any time in the country or when dealing with street vendors. Trade your lensesand  big fancy camera for a smaller point and shoot camera.

Pay attention everywhere you go. You can expect thievesor unwanted attention to be interested in you – especially in these neighborhoods with a bad reputation if you show off expensive items.

  1. Avoid Volunteering Scams

Make sure you book with a reputable organization if you want to volunteer in South Africa. Pick a truly ethical volunteer program if you want to give back to local communities.

At an orphanage where travelers are approached to help a popular scam has popped up. The kids here are made to look extremely poor for getting big donations out of sappy travelers. This is why we believe orphanage visits are actually not helpful.

The state visit of Nigerian President Buhari to South Africa

On Wednesday Mr. Muhammadu Buhari Nigerian President pay a state visit to South Africa after tensions between Africa’s leading economic powerhouses is stirred due to an outburst of xenophobic violence in and around Johannesburg.

The South African authorities look set to reject the demands of Buhari who is expected to push Ramaphosa to pay reparations for the Nigerians impacted by the violence.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his counterpart struggle to kickstart their stuttering economies. They will on Thursday meet to discuss political cooperation and bolstering trade ties.

But the recent violence targeting foreigners  including Nigerians in South Africa threatens to dominate the talks. In the violence at least 12 people were killed and hundreds of migrant workers repatriated to the country. After some South African companies in Nigeria were targeted by revenge attacks, they were forced to close shop temporarily. The two governments offered “sincere apologies” in a bid to calm the anger and dispatched special envoys to each other’s capitals.

The Abuja’s presidency said Buhari would discuss the welfare of Nigerian, and build harmonious relations with their hosts via finding common grounds during the state visit.

The state visit takes three day was planned in early September before mobs descended on foreign-owned properties in and around Johannesburg.

Buhari was crowned as President a second term in February, is looking to boost Nigeria’s  agricultural and mining sectors and diversify Nigeria’s economy away from oil. South Africa could prove a key partner in doing so.

But, he has been blocking the flow of goods from neighbouring Nigeramaking and  Benin protectionist moves and ordering increased restrictions on food imports, athough in July he wil sign up to a milestone African free trade agreement.

Buhari’s state visit appears unlikely to radically strengthen relations between the two sides despite incentives to improve ties.