A South African News Guide

This is an exciting website which is dedicated to what South Africa has to offer by way of news, politics and sports. The information here will prove to be most valuable to those who are going to visit the country. Or, even for those who are thinking of becoming new residents here.

What’s in the News

Just to give some great examples of what is happening in South Africa, we have dedicated a section to news, politics and sports. Some of the posts here will cover many of the latest events and happenings which have become newsworthy. For example, a very unique snorkelling adventure that happened to become a prominent news feature.

Then for those who are new to the country, and want to keep up on the news, our post here lists some handy resources for being able to do this. One of the posts focuses on the most noted newspaper outlets, while another one talks about the television news stations. Both of these are great informative resources for keeping up with the national news, as well as worldwide coverage.

Education is a big concern in South Africa and is often a topic of the news. Here on our site, we have provided an example of this, which talks about an enhanced curriculum that became part of an important news article.

South African Fun and Entertainment

One thing which you are going to discover in the news media covering South Africa is a lot of great information about the fun and entertainment that is available here. This site highlights some of the events and opportunities for fun here.